I Have Been Busy!

Loves the Lake

I have been busy and I hope this post will bring you up to date.  I am working on “Loves the Lake” right now.  This painting of my grand dog, wearing a life vest, and retrieving a fetch toy at Lake Martin has been fun to create.  It is painted in acrylics on 9 x 12 canvas.  I am still working to make this perfect and will try to remember to share the finished painting.  I have been trying to get ahead so that I will have some paintings to show at the Mountain Brook Art Association Christmas show at Brookwood Village.  You have seen some of the paintings below, but just to be sure, I wanted to post the finished product.

Please notice the link to my Etsy store at the right.  I posted a couple of paintings there tonight that you might enjoy seeing.

Crane island

This painting is on a piece of 21 x 10, 2 inch thick textured wood.  I painted this from a snapshot that I took at Lake Martin last Friday.

Friendly Retriever

Everyone love’s the friendly Golden Retriever.  I painted this one on a 10 x 11, 2 inch thick, piece of textured wood.

Summer Friend

I think I was nearly finished when I posted this painting on September 30, but I have touched up the color a bit since then.  Finally, below I have posted the final version of the latest Chapel at Children’s Harbor which I have touched up since my last posting.

Chapel at Children’s Harbor

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